Git solves complicated problems by applying only a handful of elegant tricks

Gaining an understanding of these fundamental techniques applied by Git is crucial for a smooth learning curve: We approach Git from the ground up to create a solid foundation which each following chapter rests upon. The material follows a continues path taking one small step at a time.


My Philosophy

I learned Git the hard and uncomfortable way. It took me years to connect the dots into a fully functional picture. I never found a single source which taught Git in a practical and logical way that made sense to me.

Carefully crafted material

The workshop material follows an elegant path where each topic builds a foundation for its successor. The content has been tested and improved over the course of two years by teaching Git to computer science students at university. Questions are welcome. There are no stupid questions: A simple question does not diminish your quality as a developer; it rather shows that the topic has not been presented to you correctly. Which we can change.


Playful hands-on experience

The workshop group experiences Git in a sandbox environment, together. Mistakes are a crucial part of learning and the earlier we stumble into them, the better. We work inside a dockerized Gitlab instance which is independent from your company's production instance. Group members will collaborate, create conflicts and solve them together.


My Vision

Workshops cannot possibly prepare you for every single problem out there. My goal is to teach you enough fundamental knowledge and broaden your view for Git's features to enable you to precisely formulate a search request on how to solve your future problems.



The Coach

team people

Thomas Johannesmeyer

Head behind Geeky.Gent

12 years of dev experience. 6 of which working independently. Creator of four macOS apps and two iOS games. Passion for CLI tools and teaching.

Interested in specific topic or training?

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